Thursday, 29 December 2011

PIG IRON by Benjamin Myers

Bluemoose editors are in the final throes of finishing the edit for PIG IRON by Benjamin Myers, which we'll be publishing on May 31st 2012.

PIG IRON is a beautifully written book by a very gifted writer.


John-John wants to escape his past. But the legacy of brutality left by his bare knuckle boxer father, self-styled King of the Gypsies, Mac Wisdom, looms large over his life. John-John's new job as an ice cream van man, should offer freedom, but instead pulls him into the dark underbelly of life in a northern town where his family name is mud.

As John-John attempts tp trade prejudice, parole officers and local gangs for 'the green cathedral- - the rural landscape that provides solace for him - the story of Mac's rise and spectacularly bloody fall unravels.

PIG IRON is the story of a traveller who hasn't travelled; a young man fighting for his very survival.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Antler TV

Good morrow. Have been resting the antlers. A lot has happened since I last posted. KING CROW by Michael Stewart won The Guardian's NOT THE BOOKER and we have sold the rights to this book and GABRIEL'S ANGEL to Russian Publisher AZBOOKA-ATTICUS, owned by the chap who now owns Waterstone's, Alexander Mamut. Penguin Books USA are reading KING CROW too, with a view to publish, as are several European publishers. Alistair Sutcliffe, author of THE HARDEST CLIMB was invited to Buckingham Palace and there is now a Bluemoose book inside the throne room. We have full CCTV access and audio contact withing the palace. I will of course keep you updated about royal events before they happen throughout the year. Antler TV will be fully operational by January 1st. WATCH THIS SPACE.
This, and my Republican views has nothing to do with Philips' recent cardio thoracic difficulties. Several hundred thousand feathered friends, relieved that their festive tormentor spent Boxing day on his back and not armed with several shotguns, will be involved in a celebratory murmaration and fly past of the palace on NEW YEARS EVE. I am now reliable informed that The corgis too had a restful Saturnalia
Alistair was on MIDWEEK on the 21st December and sales went through the roof on Amazon. 39th bestselling biography and into the top 200 bestselling books too. You can also buy ANTHILLS AND STARS on KINDLE. I've got into bed with the 'A' beast,and all our titles will be avialable by electrickery by the end of the year.