Friday, 11 December 2009

Half Price Sofa Slebs

A worrying sign of the times at Waterstones. Now that they are the only dedicated High Street bookseller these days since the collapse of Borders, it is disconcerting to hear from the powers that be, the reasons why they order books.

1. Track record of sales
2.Publisher Support
3. Market Context
4. Price/Cover

No mention of the word, 'Writing.' Nowhere to be seen. It is irrelevant. Half price Sofa Sleb musings on away days in the jungle. That's it. Good night.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


The Incwriters Society started a campaign at the end of September called, SAVE OUR PRESSES. It is a vehicle for all independent publishers and presses in the UK to get together and promote their books. They are starting a Blog in January 2010 and Bluemoose Books will be the first Publisher to write about what we're doing. Of course it's a great vehicle for our writers to talk about their books and writing. The first author will be Anna Chilvers',whose novel, FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS is published on the 9th of that month. This will be followed by Marc Radcliffe, GABRIELS' ANGEL and then Michael Stewart, KING CROW. They will talking about their expectations and the whole process of being published for the first time. I will, at a later date, give you the blog address.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Get out of Gaol free card

I went to bed last night with a fevered brow. I had read that the sainted Jeffrey Archer had just signed an £18Million advance with his publisher for a five book deal to produce a contemporary 'Forsyte Saga,' based on a fictional family called the The Cliftons. Now, whatever you think of our Jeff, he is a proven bestseller, so he's in the big league when it comes to advances, but 18 big ones is a tad excessive methinks. Just think how many new writers Macmillan could publish and promote that will be selling millions of copies when the dear lamented gaol bird 'Wor Jeff has long left this mortal coil. Forward thinking, I think not.

Friday, 4 December 2009


The Moose has secured a one hour slot at his first Literature Festival. I haven't yet had the pleasure of rubingb shoulders with the great and the good from the Literary world and so, next year, in March, I will be offering Moose opinions to those who wish to Listen at The Huddersfield Literature Festival. Me and Alexei Sayle. Or is that Alexei and I. I will have to buff up on Albanian tractor works and the like, as this Liverpudlian funster used to go on holiday behind the Iron curtain. Stephen Clayton and Anna Chilver's, will be reading from their novels, THE ART OF BEING DEAD and FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS and I will be talking about what an Independent publisher is looking for in a Manuscript. I could tell you here, but then I wouldn't be allowed onto the lucrative litfest circuit. I have bought my Moleskin and white linen suit and have joined the list for Hay on Wye tickets. I think not.