Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Mark Radcliffe, author of GABRIEL'S ANGEL will be live on air this afternoon on the Sarah Gorell show, at 2.10pm BBC Radio Sussex. Mark will be talking about his new novel which is published on 24th July 2010. Mark lives in Hove and will be doing a National book tour when the book is published. He will be signing and reading from GABRIEL'S ANGEL at the following Waterstones.
Saturday 31st July LEEDS
Tuesday 3rd August BRADFORD
Thursday 5th August NOTTINGHAM
Saturday 14th August CHICHESTER
Saturday 21st August BRIGHTON
Saturday 28th August PORTSMOUTH

The award winning author Christopher Brookmyre has said some wonderful things about Mark's book.

'I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gabriel's Angel. I thought it was seductively melancholy without being miserable, its philosophical deceit leavened with a delicately measured humour and its characters - both in this world and the next - as engagingly flawed as they were tenderly wrought.'

Here's the quote for the jacket.

' You might think you'd rather die than go through therapy, but what if death was no escape? Gabriel's Angel is the perfect antidote to the glib platitudes of emotional quick-fix culture: tender, astute and very funny.' Christopher Brookmyre

Enough said. Until tomorrow.

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