Thursday, 22 November 2012

New author performs magic on film

In July next year we will be publishing a book called A MODERN FAMILY by writer Socrates Adams Florou.  We are excited about working with Socrates and started the editing process this week.  I'm sure you'll hear lots more from us about him and his book in the coming months.

Today Socrates had some amazing news about a film he has co-written with writers Joe Stretch and Chris Killen.  He also has a starring role.  The film called WIZARD'S WAY follows two friends who play a wizard simulator game.  The great news is that the film has just won the LOCO London Discovery Award, an annual prize for a British comedy feature film that does not yet have distribution.

You can see a trailer at or follow the action on twitter either @socratesadams or @savewizardsway

Well done to all involved!

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