Monday, 18 March 2013

Bluemoose Author Stars At Film Festival

An award-winning film, co-written by Bluemoose author, Socrates Adams, is due to be screened at the Belfast Film Festival in April.

Shot on a budget of £400, Wizard’s Way concerns Julian ‘Windows’ Andrews, the world’s most celebrated player of an old, dated computer game. But when Compusoft delete the game, life for ‘Windows’ and his sidekick Barry Tubbulb will be changed for ever. It is also a detailed, absorbing look at the correct beef-to-bread ratio in hamburgers.

Director, Metal Man, said: ‘We hope Wizard’s Way demonstrates that if you have a good idea, some likeable characters and a lot of spare time at the weekends, you can make a feature film without any external support or funding.’

With good fortune, but unbeknown to the writers and directors as to how, they secured the services of Sadie Frost in a cameo role.

Wizard’s Way won Best Comedy Feature at the 2012 London Independent Film Festival, and is the 2013 winner of the Discovery Award at the London Comedy Film Festival.

The film screens at the Belfast Film Festival on April 14th

Socrates Adams has also written a novel for Bluemoose Books, a humorous punch at today’s celebrity culture. A Modern Family features TV’s most popular car show presenter, who has the perfect job, but not the perfect family, which he watches disintegrate around him, unable to control anything that is not scripted.

Kevin Duffy, of Bluemoose Books, said: ‘A Modern Family looks at how obsessed we are as viewers and readers of celebrity culture, its all-consuming take on who and what we are becoming, and the catastrophic effects it has when we realise all is not well in the orange coloured world of celebrity.’

A Modern Family will be published on 25th July.

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