Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The final edit has been donme to the next Bluemoose title, GABRIEL'S ANGEL by Mark A Radcliffe....We haven't gone all American on you by adding an intial between his first and second name, but there's a certain Radio 2 DJ with the same name. The book will now go off to be typesetted and then returned looking like a real book. We will then get it back and have a further chance to re-read it, check it for typos , send it off again and then have one last chance to proof it before it goes to the printers. Our designers in Canada, now have the brief and we look forward to getting some images back in the next two weeks. It will be published on July 24th 2010 and is an absolutely stunning book. Great story, beautifully written by an writer who has the capacity to make you laugh and cry in equal measure and for all the right reasons.
Gabriel's Angel is a comic love story set just beneath heaven.

Gabriel Bell was a web journalist with a low sperm count. He was 44, grumpy, sarcastic and irritated by the accumulating disappointments in life. Described by his girlfriend Ellie as ' a man who used to clap like a bloody seal when he saw a beautiful sunrise,' Now the only thing that would make him clap more is more sperm. He keeps checking but to no avail, so IVF it is. So it was bad enough when he lost his job but getting run over and waking up to find himself in a therapy group run by Angels just below heaven, really pisses him off.

It's unique and I know that every reader with a soul will be touched by this book. Grand statement, but a one of the best books I've read in the past ten years. I liked it so much I sold my life insurance!

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