Saturday, 20 February 2010


FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS is the 'Must read book of the month,' on the New Books etc website which is launched on Monday.You can go to

One of the problems of having a book on the internet, is driving your potential readers through the zillions of titles that are on there. However, as Anna's book is in one of the major promotions, MUST READ BOOK OF THE MONTH, the discerning browser will come across her book, the great jacket and superb recommendation from award winning author Lesley Glaister, and then, purchase said title. Hopefully. Yesterday afternoon I met the 23 Reader Development Officers from the North West of England at The Hornby library, in Liverpool Central Library. It was an opportunity to tell them what we're trying to do here at Bluemoose, publish great writing that engages and inspires the reader.
As you may have read here in the not too distant, I have a problem with Martin Amis and the acres of print the supposed literati in the Metropolis give him. Well, in the letters pages of The Grauniad today is a riposte from Anna Ford. Music to my ears. She has a right go at his persistent whingeing at the press and tasks him to take at look at himself. Apparently he lacks 'empathy,' 'is a narcissist,' and is altogether a numpty of mammoth proportions. Ha ha, ha. And these days he can't write either. Marty, me old chuffer, get thee to Uruguay, spend your wifes millions and don't write another thing. Please.

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