Thursday, 4 March 2010

Moose on tour

Back from Scotland and Glasgow is just not the same without the great Borders bookstore that was there. Anna Chilvers, author of Falling through clouds will be speaking at Hebden Bridge library on Friday 5th March at 7.30pm....What do they say about 'prophets not being welcome in their own towns,' well I'm sure it won't happen to Anna. Book sales continue to be very strong and now we will have to do a reprint. Anna and Stephen Clayton, author of The art of being dead, will boith be at the Peacock lounge on Thursday 11th March at 4pm as part of The Huddersfield Literature Festival. All are welcome. On Wednesday 10th March at Sheffield Central Library, Anna will be talking about her book between 6-7.30pm. Thursday 13th May at 12-1pm Anna will be at The Lincoln Literary Festival and then a week later she will be one of four authors, including Gervaise Phinn as part of the Stockport readers day at Stockport College. The day starts at 9am and goes right through to 1pm.
I am at Wakefield Prison on Monday 15th March reading and talking to their reading and writing groups.
The first typsetted proof of GABRIEL'S ANGEL has returned from Carnegie, so we're all busy going through it with a fine toothcomb. We should have jacket images of the book by Monday 15th march from the designers in Canada, and we've also got a very famous writer who has said he will read Mark's book GA and hopefully review it. Fingers crossed, but as it is such a great read, I'm sure he'll find it a great read.

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