Thursday, 6 September 2012

Not the Booker Prize Nomination

Can we possibly do it two years in a row?

Pig Iron by Benjamin Myers has been shortlisted for the 2012 Not the Booker Prize run by The Guardian.  We had outstanding success with this prize last year when our book, King Crow by Michael Stewart, won the prestigious mug/trophy.  Here is the full list of shortlisted books:

The Notable Brain Of Maximilian Ponder by JW Ironmonger

Paint The Town Red by AJ Kirby
Life! Death! Prizes! by Stephen May
Tales From The Mall by Ewan Morrison
Pig Iron by Ben Myers
The Revelations by Alex Preston
The Casablanca Case by Simon Swift

One of the books is reviewed each week and at the end of the process voting is opened to Guardian readers who have previously left a review of the book they are voting for.  We're not yet sure when voting will start, but will keep you up to date.  The winner is announced on 15th October.

Pig Iron is due to be reviewed some time during the week commencing 17th September.  Watch this space for more information.

Read more here at The Guardian's Not the Booker Prize page

Big thanks must go to all our readers and supporters of Bluemoose Books who took the trouble and time to vote Pig Iron onto the shortlist.  It would be amazing to win this prize again, a great feat for a small publisher like us, but let's be honest, it is a fabulous book, even if we say so ourselves!!

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