Saturday, 7 November 2009

Road Trip

The Moose is preparing for another sales trip to Scotland. My youngest is preparing a road trip CD, Ecosse desert Island Discs. I will be visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth and Sterling and will let you know what new writers are causing a stir north of the border. There has been a notable backlash to celebrity novels in the wake of Martine McCutcheon's burgeoning literary career. I haven't read it but the word on the street is that it's a pile of the proverbial. Apparently she writes like an angel, according to her publicist. Mmmm. Enough said. Sales of Sleb autobiographies are significantly down on last year, even given that Wats and Smiths are virtually giving them away. People become wary of books that are so below the RRP. Editors and Sales Directors from the big six will be worried. Very worried and rightly so. When the investment in writing is so skewed towards the quick buck from 'sofa names,' then the car crash is just around the corner. Thank the Lord there are independent minded publishers out there like Bluemoose, committed to publishing great stories from talented and gifted writers.

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