Thursday, 14 January 2010

Holistic Knee Capping

The Moose and Anna Chilvers, who will be reading and taking questions about her book, FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS, are at The Saltaire Bookshop tonight at 6.15. Chains have been placed on the moosemobile tyres, a thermos filled with wholesome soup and of course the obligatory spade. All tools which are essential for the up and coming author these days. There is a two page interview in The Yorkshire Post tomorrow and Anna appears at her first Waterstone's on Saturday 16th in Bradford at 1pm. Sales have been fantastic so far and the reviews have been very good indeed. Of course there will be one that isn't but we will consign that to the bin and the author of such uninformed drivel will be subjected to some Holistic Knee capping. I am a master in that dark art, so be warned.

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