Saturday, 16 January 2010

Waterstone's Bradford

There was a fantastic review of FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS yesterday in The Yorkshire Post. and today Anna and myself travel to Waterstones in Bradford to do her first book signing. Very excited. I have done many signings with the great and the good. Film royalty, Joan Collins, now she did have a rider and the Duchess of York, she just had motorbike outriders and they can be hit and miss affairs. What is most important is that it is an opportunity to get the bookshop and the local press right behind an author and the book. Despite all the recent bad press about Wats, they have always got behind Bluemoose titles and I thank them for that. Ian Oldfield at Bradford has given Anna's book a tremendous review. He says it is an' erotically charged literary thriller.' That will do me, thank you very much Off to iron the Bluemoose shirt for the residents of Bradford. It's expected don't you know.

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