Monday, 11 January 2010

Wholesale Mugging

Getting the book to market is one of the hardest things to do for an independent. There is no point in publishing a book if your readers don't see it on the shelves. This is where the wholesalers come in. They do a great job in distributing titles to every indie bookshop in the country. However, this comes at some significant cost. Discount. A lot. Now, one of them has decided not to stock our titles unless we give them an extra 5% discount. On a £7.99 pbk, that's an extra 20pence off the bottom line. No discussions. Give it us, or we don't stock it and we will only order it on special order. The noose gets tighter and tighter. I could always kill them. Rather radical. Perhaps holistic knee capping will suffice. I may even try and talk to them, but these days speaking to anybody in a big organisation is proving more and more difficult. Our website is the answer. Go directly there and do not stop at Amazon. If you do, your soul will blacken and my children will starve.

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