Friday, 1 January 2010

Year of The Moose

Greetings and felicitations....The Moose has been somewhat indisposed, I will point the finger at computer viruses and cyber hackery....but I'm back in 2010 and we have a very busy start with the launch of FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge next Saturday 9th January and then the Moose World Tour starts again, taking in several Waterstones for book signings, including Leeds, Bradford and Nuneaton, where Anna Chilvers heralds from. From then on it's libraries and Lit festivals all the way. There will be newspaper coverage coming up in The Yorkshire Post next week along with the local press. Pre pub sales have been fantastic so far and it all bodes well....I have sent review copies to Londinium but don't hold out too much, but to be honest it's such a great read that word of mouth will make it a success....and then we move on to our next publication, GABRIEL'S ANGEL by Mark Radcliffe, another Bluemoose treat. One of our authors, Stephen Clayton has a special birthday on Sunday 3rd January and I wish him well.
So here we go, the year that the Moose goes global....Hahahaha, what fun we'll have. Get to the bookshops and invest in a Bluemoose title, you'll not be disappointed. There, that's the sales plug.

Toodlepip readers.

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