Monday, 18 January 2010


The book signing at Waterstones Bradford on Saturday has been rearranged for the beginning of February. I will let you know the date later on this week. There may have been a change at the top of Wats, but the old problems are still there. The book was ordered and arrived digitally. It arrived in a 'tote' and on the Wats Bradford computer system the book was in the store. However, when said tote was opened the cupboard was bare. The system didn't work. Every digital bell and whistle said the book had arrived. But because they have no goods in staff anymore, they were all made redundant, goods in has to rely totally on what the computer says and the computer lied. The Hub didn't work and there were red faces all round. But all is not lost. FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS will become the best selling new title at Wats Bradford this year. I have been promised and that was from a human being. You know the ones, they breathe and speak. IT Directors take note. Totes and systems are not working.

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