Monday, 25 January 2010

Son Of Kingsley

They were at it again yesterday, the lit eds that is. Mr Amis, the dimuntive author with the expensive teeth and very, very rich wife, has a new book out. Let the fawning begin. The Grauniad are holding an event where the son of Kingsley will hold forth and talk about his book Times Arrow. He has a new book out and yet is talking about his old books. Why is this newsworthy? Why are our supposed critical literary press giving page after page to an elderly writer who hasn't had anything interesting to say for a decade and a half? Surely there are new writers who are talented enough to warrant an interview. His dad was famous, he slept with some women, he smokes a lot and had a fall out with his agent to get a bigger advance and had his teeth done. Anyone who makes up the word 'edificide,' about the murder of a building concerning September 11th needs leaving in a darkened corner with something damp to mop his ever increasingly wrinkled brow.

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