Sunday, 5 July 2009


Today Bluemoose is part of the Hebden Literary festival. I'll be appearing at Hebden Library with wares to sell . Writers talking at the event will be Jill Liddington, Mark Illis and John Siddique. They will be giving creative writing classes and answering lots of questions. I'll be selling books and chatting to the massed throngs. I'm sure it will be great fun unlike Mr Amis's review in The Grauniad yesterday about John Updike. What he was saying was that most of Updike's last published work was clunky and a tad shite but of course he had to dress it up in academic language to prove he has two brains. Kept on about etymylogical half siblings and rime things. No wonder half the population get turned off from reading when critics stuff their reviews with French and other long words trying to make people feel inadequate. Tell it as it is and you might get a better response. People might read and buy more books. Anyone for new teeth Martin?

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