Friday, 3 July 2009

Reviewing and Rants

Here we go....Lots of authors bemoaning the fact that critics sometimes are not very nice . Well, welcome to the real world. Perhaps your book isn't that good. Thought about that one? Some Literary Editors, as they like to call themselves, do have a problem with the very act of creativity in that they can't create much themselves bar a few nasty jibes, which their friends in the Lit Club find very amusing. I'm having a run in with one very famous (why is it that you need to see a picture of said lit ed next to his poisonious outpourings?) critic because I asked what his criteria was for reviewing books, apart from the very large advertsiing spend the big houses spend in his national newspaper? There was a double page review of the latest Sarah Waters novel and surprise surprise on the back page a full colour advert of said novel, which must have run to tens of thousands of pounds. Which came first the advertsing pound or the review? Answers on a postcard.He got all petulant and took his PC home and refuses to speak. However, with the demise of the newspaper as an organ of note, the tinternet is becoming the first port of call for readers to find out what a book is really like. Critics, high falutin purveyors of their own self worth will soon be nationalised and reduced to barking their thoughts from a darkened corner of The Graucho. Bless.

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