Thursday, 13 August 2009

Anthills and Stars...Sells

Now here's some proof that will win the Moose a Nobel prize for science.
Waterstones Manchester have had 5 copies of my book, Anthills and Stars for the past two years, spine out under D for Duffy. Now, its good that they have multiple copies but if they don't sell any, its just bibliographical wallpaper. However, I decided to place the copies on a table Waterstones called Cult classics chosen by their booksellers and guess what? They've sold 4 copies in three weeks. It may not breach the bestseller charts but proves the obvious point that if a book is placed in the view of the browsing public and is good enough, it will sell. The Nabobs at Wats HQ will now send out an arrest warrent because we at Bluemoose haven't digged deep and handed over Dane Gelt for the privilege of putting our titles on their tables. Guilty M'lud but again proves that a decent book given table space will sell. Simples.

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