Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Management Constrainters

I sign the film contract today. People getting excited but it could be a while yet before the Moose hurtles down the red carpet at The Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I have more mundane things to sort out today like the jacket cover for our next title, Falling through clouds. The designer is sending through some proofs this afternoon. With the recent rush of good news stories, we've had a raft of great manuscripts through the doors at Moose Towers, which is really encouraging. I am meeting up with an author tomorrow to discuss his work. There was piece in The Bookseller yesterday about how many zillions of books Ian Rankin sold in the last week. What it didn't tell you is that at certain high street book chains, if you bought one book you got the Ian Rankin at half price, which means the discount from the publisher to bookseller will be very, very high indeed. Nobody making any money and even the writer will see his royalty cheque shrink as a consequence. But then again no doubt the suits have had the Management consultants in to tell them what's best. As always the boy graduates know best. Toodlepip.

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