Thursday, 6 August 2009

The ear of Bennett

The Northern Booker goes from angry tilt at those metropolitan types to reality-ish. I was in Leeds yesterday and spoke to a bookseller who will be getting behind it. Now I'm looking for a Northern industrialist to cough up the cash. I'm on the case to try and get Alan Bennett into the idea. I will have to sort out the qualifying criteria and make it robust enough that those effete elites with their pipes and linen suits can't ridicule it from the start. The PR person who does for Bluemoose is seeing a noise from The Bookseller tomorrow, so hopefully we will get the'organ' of the trade interested. I am being interviewed by Vulpes Libris online Lit magazine today and I will give you the link tomorrow. I haven't had my online haircut for the piece so be scared, be very scared.

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