Monday, 3 August 2009

Beans and Buadelaire

Apparently, one in every five books is bought in a supermarket, which is good news for the book buying public, isn't it? Well, you'll get the top twenty cheaper and all of the Celebrity stuff will be half price, so if that's what you want, I don't have a problem. The issue is with publishers. If they are spending all their money and marketing budget on getting volume through the tills, where is the investment in new writers? When you have to spend a seven figure sum promoting a celebrity autobiogrpahy at Christmas , there's not much left in the publishing pot for new writers. Of course there are many other issues, about range and back list. And yes, it is up to the consumer, but that's all a bit disingenious from both the publisher and supermarket. When they are directing readers down the formulaic and generic route because it is a safe bet, the reader has to know his ISBN's if they are to find what is new and exciting out there. If a book isn't face out, it isn't going to sell. Off to buy some beans and Baudelaire. I know I'll find one of the two, but which one?

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