Friday, 7 August 2009

Numbers day

I've had lots of respones to the interview I gave to Vulpes Libris yesterday. You can read it here:

Next week there will be a review of Stephen Clayton's novel The art of being dead. Today we will be sending off 'Falling through clouds,' by Anna Chilvers to our foreign rights agents who will be meeting European publishers in September prior to the world's largest bookfair at Frankfurt. I will also be firing off ISBN's to Nielsen and BDS which is the start of getting all the bibliographical information out there, where Amazon and all the internet book sites get their info from. It's the start of the life of the book where selling concerns. This is where we start the momentum for publication date on the second Saturday in January 2010. To try and get space for a book from a small publisher in the Autumn and Christmas run up will be virtually impossible. There is far too much pressure on space and the booksellers in the run up to Christmas. After the madness Falling through clouds will get seen and the press will want new writers to talk about. And with Anna's book there will be a lot to talk about because it is a great story beautifully told.

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