Sunday, 23 August 2009

To Scotland

I'm off to Scotland tomorrow to sell some books. Cal, my youngest son will be compiling a Road Trip CD. I will let you know what books are selling in Scotland other than all that 3 for 2 stuff that seems to transcend borders . Today, I'm putting togeher the AI sheet for the Bluemoose title, Falling through clouds. This is the information that will help booksellers decide if they want to buy the book and is an essential part of the selling process. If, like all the big publishing houses I had zillions to buy space in the bookstores, it would be a lot easier. However, with a great story, passion, a ringing endorsement from Lesley Glaister and some shoe leather, this book will sell in bucket loads. I'm convinced of that, but then if I wasn't what would be the point of Publishing.

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