Saturday, 22 August 2009

Mr Hockney and Mr Bennett

I've written to Alan Bennett and David Hockney about The Northern Book Award. I want Mr Hockney to design the poster and Mr Bennett to give out the prizes. Mr Bennett and Mr Hockney, sounds like the working title for a Jane Austen Novel.
We received the cover design for Falling through clouds yesterday and it is absolutley brilliant. When you read some Ms you automatically have a feel for what the jacket should look like, however, when I read Falling through clouds, I didn't. I gave the brief to the designer and hoped and prayed. Well the God Dawkins waved his magic wand. When I saw it, and I will post it up here soon, I immediately new it was what I'd been looking for. Its all in the yes. Beautiful green eyes that stare out at you from the cover. Eyes that have that look of being troubled and you want to know why. It'll be out in January next year so you can find out for yourself.

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