Saturday, 29 August 2009

King Crow.

It's official. Bluemoose books has now signed another writer, Michael Stewart and we will be publishing his novel, King Crow. Michael is an established playwright and scriptwriter. He has won may awards. He also teaches on the Creative writing course at Huddersfield university. We are now building a family of writers at Bluemoose who write brilliant stories that are beautifully written that engage and inspire the reader. Simple really. No tricksy styley nonsense, just great stories.
I'm seeing the library supply people next week, so have got all the bibliographical information required to impress. They buy and select the titles that you see in your local library. With the economy in the gutter it is great to see that finally people are now using this great resource. Footfall is up by over 40% in libraries as people turn to them to borrow and read books. Hopefully the men in suits at Town Halls up and down the land will realise the unique position libraries have in this country and stop trying to close or reduce their budgets. They are simply irreplacebale in the community landscape.

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