Sunday, 25 January 2009

Bruce Almighty

It is apt that on Robert Burns day I should be heading up to Scotland on a sales trip. But before I do, I would like to share with you a horror story. I was watching some Heineken Cup Rugby yesterday and at half time an advert appeared. It was Bruce Springstein belting out some tune in his New Jersey way, when they cut to the album he was promoting. 'Working on a dream. Special Edition. I don't know if its a special edition beacause Mr Obama has taken over playing Sax from Clarence Clemons or what, but I saw Bruce's face morph into that of Edwina Currie. If you've just had your breakfats, I do apologise because this is the woman who had an affair with John Major, perhaps the dullest PM we've ever had. She has a frightening physog, she was part of Mrs. Thatchers' governemt in the 1980's that ripped the soul out of this country. She was Mrs. T's mini me, a snarling, sniping terrier like creature who's spiteful face appeared all too regularly telling us not to eat eggs. She also wrote four books for Headline after she stepped down from parliament. They were laced with sex. Perhaps when John was mid coitus she scribbled down a few notes. All I am saying to the marketing men of Bruce's record comapny, change the cover, and quick.
There is a fantastic indie publisher in Scotland called Two Ravens press, they're based in NW Highlands and I was speaking to the publisher recently. She was telling me that they'd had great support form Publishing Scotland, an organisation that helps new indpendent presses in the country. I then tried to look for a similar organisation in England and didn't find one. Of course there is the arts council and all their regional office but they don't have anybody helping small amd independent publishers. They have literature officers but their remit is somewhat limited. I don't want grants, although a one off payment would be good, because I don't want to have to put my publishing schedule before the PC police, but what I would like is a body akin to Publishing Scotland that could have offered advice at the start of setting up Bluemoose Books.
I will be stopping off at Tebay services on my way to Glasgow for soomething to eat. I know somebody from Hebden who drives the 180 mile round trip for the excellent curries they serve there. I have to get the Curry name out of my head or I'll have John Major doing Percy Filth in my head. Not the best way to start a Sunday.

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