Monday, 26 January 2009

Road trip

Bags packed and CD's ready. The music for the trip to Scotland is The Moose's Desert Island Discs. Early Motown, Bowie before he stopped taking drugs, Ramsey Lewis, The Smiths, The Roses, Manitas De Plata, Marvin Gaye, David Byrne and The Stanley Holloway monologues, especially thee 'hapence a foot. I've just heard Evan Davies, the BBC journalist plug his new TV series and the first programme that he said he was reporting from, and I kid you not, is ' Manchester in the North of England.' Now, forgive me for being petty here but where else would Manchester be when talking about the UK? You patronising purveyor of statistics. I believe you have many piercings which will be tweeked if not removed if I ever meet you. Thin skinned? No, it just pees me off that the BBC thinks it needs to tell us where every place is if it isn't within the confines of the M25. Must get my Baedeker out and find out wher Scotland is. Any clues Evan?
Toodlepip. Off up the M6. I may be gone for some time.

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