Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Masseuse in a window

I was in Edinburgh yesterday and went into the three Waterstones that are there but as I passed the big department store Jenners, my eye caught a lady in red who was stood in the window talking. She was miked up and you could hear her from outside. She was telling the massed ranks about their new Massage and beauty treatments that were on offer. What was most disconcerting however was the fact that in the small confines of the window was a masseuse kneeding the worried scalp of a lady laid out on a table. Naturally she was all covered up in fluffy towels but the look on her face was a picture. She looked terrified, but then I think I would be if I was half naked, stuck in a window in the middle of winter being oggled at by all and sundry.
Must dash off to Dundee and Perth via Auchtermuchty. I will of course stop there and bow before the statue of the great Scottish comedian, Jimmy Shand. If I have time I might even take a picture.

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