Tuesday, 13 January 2009


This is the blog site of Bluemoose Books an Independent Publisher based in The Pulse Belt of The Pennines, Hebden Bridge. Heth and I started two years ago because we were sick to death of all the celebrity books in the high street. As a sales rep for over 20 years with various publishers, together with book shop managers we were concerned at the paucity of new writers being promoted by the big London publishing houses. One buyer at a major library supply company kept telling me that the big boys were just publishing 'Stuff.' Depressing. So, we remortgaged the house, set up Bluemoose Books and have so far published four books, soon to be five.

Idealistic yes, deluded, maybe, passionate, definitely.

The mission: To promote beautifully written and well crafted books that tell a great story.
We're not trying to change the world, we'll leave that to Bono and Sir Bobbus, because when all said and done you can't fill empty bellies with a magic metaphor.

Here's the sales link www.Bluemoosebooks.com and if you buy enough books our bank manager at Lloafs IOU Bank will let us continue.

The art of being dead by Stephen Clayton has been compared to Ian Bank's The Wasp Factory by Scott Pack, who you book bloggers will no doubt know.

Will tell you about tall tales from the bookshop floor tomorrow as I depart on another bookselling road trip.


  1. To read an interview with Stephen by Scott Pack (http://meandmybigmouth.typepad.com/)

    please go to:

  2. The question is: did you call your company Bluemoose Books just so you could write a blog with this great title?


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