Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Moose has landed

John Updike, the American novelist has died of cancer aged 76. His most famous work was the four novels that chronicled post war America through the eyes of Harry 'Rabbit' Angstron. You can read his obit at

I have arrived back in Hebden Bridge after two days selling in Scotland and met some very knowledgeable booksellers, especially Steve at Borders Glasgow Buchannan Street. I thought it would be interesting to find out what the booksellers are recommending at Watertsones in Glasgow at Sauchiehall Street and the other at Wats George Street in Edinburgh. Do they have different tastes? Look at the list below and decide for yourself. They both had Ian Banks, Irvine Welsh, Alistair McCall Smith, James Kelman and Alisdair Gray as recommends but after that....Well.

Wats Sauchiehall St Glasgow.

Young Adam Alexander Trockli Publ. One world Classics
The Nickum Doris Davidson Birlinn
The sound of my own voice Ran Butlin Serpent's Tale
The lantern Bearer Ronald Frame Duckworth

Wats George Street

Sea of Faith Stephen O'Shea Profile
Requiem for a Dream Hugh Selby Jr Marion Boyars
Encylopaedia of Snow Sarah Emily Miano Serapion Books
Runt Niall Griffiths Vintage

Read, discuss and give me a hundred words on the lilterary difference of the two cities.
A new word has entered the vocabulary. Scrappage. Apparently in Europe if you scrap your car you are given 2500 Euros for 'Scrappage.' Interesting.

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