Saturday, 31 January 2009

London Calling

Great news for The House Of Moose. Yesterday I got news that an independent panel of publishers and booksellers had chosen The art of Being dead by Stephen Clayton as one of the books of the month that will be promoted by independent booksellers and certain libraries in London. The idea is to the raise the profile of indie publishers in the UK and is being run by Legend Press, who received a grant from The Arts Council to promote new writing. Now, I have sent forth lots of books post haste by horse and cart to the Metroplolis and hopefully a literary editor from one of the big papers will notice Steve's book, pick it up, realise what a gem it is and put it in their newspaper and tell their readers all about it.
I have a cunning plan for our next publication that will get mega media coverage. It's all about the author's name you see. Towit, our next book will be written by a stellar young tyro called
Amis McCewan Rushdie, whose father was an alcoholic professor of creative writing at Oxford University and spent his whole life writing letters to an obscure blind poet whilst have sex in the recesses of The Bodlean Library with albino followers of Opus Dei. It has bestseller written all over it.
The world tour of northern libraries continues with visits to Bolton and Blackburn in the next two weeks and a rare sojourn to Borders in Cambridge. A lady who attended an event at Elland library just before last Christmas stopped reading Steve's book on page 37 because ' she didn't like the swearing.' She said nobody swore in Elland in the 60's. She also thinks that a young man called 'Elvis,' will top the charts by Easter.
Coming soon to a PC near you, interviews with Anna Chilvers, Laura Brudenell and Stephen Clayton.

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