Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Intergalactic Learning Resource Hub

I do not know whether the enlightened officers of Wirral Coucil lost their civic shirts in the Icelenadic banking collapse or the Finanace Director's bet on the 3.30 at Haydock Park didn't come to fruition but they have decided to close 13 libraries to save money after some boy graduate decided that their libraries didn't give value for money. After closing these libraries no doubt they are going to outsource all library facilities to some Venusian Venture Capital company where we can all log on via a satellite link to some Cyber Educational Hub, and download Jordan's oeuvres by some sort of handheld twittery blackberry combination. Libraries are an essentail part of the community and yes if only one person pops in I agree it has to be looked at, but a library is an essential part of the communtiy which delivers more than just books and access to the tinterweb. It is a place where reading, writing and many, many other groups meet to discuss, debate and enjoy the beauty of the written word. Of course I have an interest because without the fantastic support of libaries up and down the country small publishers like Bluemoose Books would not survive. They are not overly tied to the commercial aspects of the publishing market and can therefore take a punt, unlike some of the major high street chains.
Recently The Moose and Stephen Clayton have been on a world tour of Northern libraries and the response has been brilliant. They have not always liked Steve's book, The art of being dead but the debate has always been rigorous and enjoyable. Without libraries we are a poorer nation and surely we should have learnt that this complete obeisance to the Market has proved disasterous for our economy, so why can't we spend a miniscule percentage of the billions that Gordon has found down the back of the settee at No10 on books to put in libraries. It behoves everyone to write to the Secretary of State for Media, Culture and Sport, John Burnham to stop this outragious closure of libraries on the Wirral. Moving on.
The knitting priest was not in Blackpool yesterday but perhaps he was in Washington to listen to Mr Obama. Anyone who spotted him in D.C, please let me know, he is sorely missed. A dark cloud hung over the Duffy household yesterday as the Dyson wheezed it's last. I will have to find my Hoovering therapy elsewhere. Any takers?


  1. Try Writing Therapy instead, Kevin. Beats hoovering any day of the week (and you were offered it, too!)

  2. Tim,

    I'm glad you're concerned about my mental health. I write too, but nothing beats the hum of a Dyson, Yes I know......


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