Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bluemoose Facebook site

Bluemoose Books is now all tooled up on the tinternet. We have a Bluemoose Facebook site and I now have lots of friends. Every ten minutes or so there is someone emailing me to have them as a friend. No wonder people of a certain age never go out and see the daylight. You could be on these things for years before you realised it. I've come late to this sort of thing but I can obviously see the benefits. Next we're going to set up a Bluemoose Books Group, and before you know it we'll be on The Today programme talking to Jim Naughtie, chairman of The Booker panel about our books. Might even be in the three for two's at Waterstones but then I'm not going to pay for the privilege, thank you very much. I might have to eat my words somewhere down the line but I'm sure you can succeed without selling your soul. Famous last words. Eekamouse.


  1. I want to be your friend! :) What's the Facebook link? And no, I never leave my house...

  2. Marsha, if you have a facebook page just put in Bluemoosebooks. See you soon.


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