Friday, 11 September 2009

High street mugging

I have to send all the bibliographical information about Falling through clouds to the wholesalers. Gardners and Bertrams are now the two biggest players. They also, between them own the three major library suppliers in the UK. Big potatoes. In a previous existence, I sent a very angry email with the odd expletive by default to an executive at one of the wholesalers. The email should have gone to my wife. I was upset, I thought they were demanding a rapacious level of discount. I had to phone the chap concerned and apologies for the content of the email. Discounts are now a huge issue to such an extent that one publishers, Marion Boyars have decided to cease trading next year because of the level of discounts on the high street and internet. They can't turn a profit and when you see what the major booksellers are demanding I can see why. Authors advances in some cases have fallen by 80%. The business model of huge advances to authors is now in question, apart from the slebs who are being given football like payoffs for their pearls of wisdom. We're all going to hell in a handcart. See you there.

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