Wednesday, 2 September 2009


It's a general rule of thumb of mine that when buying a book of fiction I will think twice if, at the start of the book, there is a family tree or a chronology of events. I automatically think of gnomes and warlocks and kings and queens and I put the book down. The books are called Faction titles and Hilary Mantel's Booker favourite is called Wolf Hall. Its about Henry V111's court and the political machinations . Now I like Hilary Mantel, Fludd, is one of my favouite books but I start grinding my teeth at Wolf Hall and their like. If I want to find out about history I'll read an historical tome. Fiction is just that, fiction and non fiction, yes you got it, factual. I like my fiction to be just that, fiction. Made up, a story, artifice. I feel cheated by Faction. There you have it, a confession.

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