Monday, 7 September 2009


Its Dan Brown Week. His new book, The Lost Symbol will be published on the 12th to much hullaballoo. Waterstones are now the official Dan Brown Franchise. Whole stores are given over to selling his oeuvre. Now I'm not going to say like Stephen Fry that his work is like 'stool water,'because he gets people into bookshops and supermarkets buying books which is surely a good thing. Dan Brownites may even buy other books while they are getting his latest, but when the whole bookstore is given over to shifting zillions of books, at jaw dropping discounts, new writers suffer because they haven't got a prayer in seeing their work on the shelves. After Dan we then have the race for the Christmas Number one with a whole host of Slebs being given huge advances for their lif stories. I am writing a Zygote Writes, which should challenge all the Z Sleb books that will clutter up bookstores. Watch out, it will be number one.

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