Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Falling through clouds

It's all now been sorted. The advance information sheet for Anna Chilver's book, Falling through clouds , has now been edited and produced. The books' image is on the front plus all the bibliographical information required to order the title. There is also a diluted synopsis of the story, the price and the all important ISBN number which means the title can be ordered by the high street booksellers. It is an essential tool in selling the book to the bookselling profession. Of course withought passion for the story, this means little. It is the story and the beautiful way it has been crafted that is everything. Now we just have to get the marketing right, get the book seen and read by reviewers, the odd Latte and piece of cake as bribery and hopefully the public will get to see what a fantastic read it is. We will of course start with the local journalists and newspapers, build the excitemnet locally and regionally and then who knows, those literary titans in the metropolis may pick it up. If they have the time of course.The marketing process
starts today. All very exciting.

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