Thursday, 3 September 2009

Library supply

Off to see the library suppliers today in Preston. Libraries are one of the few organisations that are benefiting from the economic meltdown. The numbers of people using libraries has gone through the roof, with more and more people using their facilities and borrowing books. Long may that continue and if you hear of any blinkered politicians looking at proposals to save money for the local authority by cutting the library budget, have them sectioned. Libraries are essential for our communities. Library suppliers are now choosing titles for authorities. It cuts down on the expense of librarians choosing books once a month at the central library on a Tuesday afternoon. However, it does mean all control passes to the supplier which in the long run doesn't seem to me to be the most democratic way of choosing books for library customers. Heaven forefend that a publisher would offer bigger discounts to the library supplier to promote one of their authors, who then in turn could get their new author into every library on discount and not quality terms alone. I know I'm a cynical old Hector, but I'm sure some sales director sat in his leather chair has not thought the same things. Toodlepip.

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