Friday, 4 September 2009

Mr Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett has communed with The Moose. Yes, the great man of letters has sent a postcard. I had written to him last week inviting him to Huddersfield to attend the launch of the Northern Book Award at the literature festival. Unfortunately he can't come, which is a shame, poor health and a diary that means he's already attending Ilkley Festival in October. But I think he's in agreement with the idea of The NBA and its aims. I hope it doesn't sound too sad that I'm bellowing such news from Moose Towers but Mr Bennett is a bit of a star in these parts, and he makes me laugh, essential when we're fighting our corner. We need all the help we can get and even a postcard of support helps in the fight against the evil forces that are gathering.
Off to write to several other stars of stage and screen and I will let you know those that do the decent thing and those that don't.

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