Sunday, 6 September 2009

Priscilla The Driller Killer

I'd put aside the day to write. Children away, large mug of coffee and quill at the ready. Unfortunately, Tapping Tex, a neighbour has decided that today is the day to christen his Christmas present. A drill. A Hammer Action Drill. I am trying to be all Zen Buddhist about it and block the sound out but my Zen Buddhist skills desert me and I want to kill him. Not content with the filming of Driller Killer on our street I get a phone call from Barclaycard South Africa, saying I owe them a few quid.' It's Sunday I say, or you related to the Driller Man on our street,' This confuses the Afrikaans sales rep,' I'm only doing my job.' She says. I refrain from saying that the Nuremburg defence doesn't hold any water these days but stop myself for fear of an international incident. Instead I walk out of the house and knock over the ladder holding Driller Man. I will take him to hospital if he asks nicely.

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