Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New Titles

I have been contacting all the reader development officers at the 208 library authorities in the UK about our next publication, Falling through clouds by Anna Chilvers. Libraries choose their new titles and stock in various ways. The main avenue for selection is to be sent new title information on CD from the two main library suppliers, Bertrams and Gardners. They make the selection and then order the titles. Some library authoriites are now linked to 'Supply Selection,' whereby the library supplier chooses what titles the authority should order. This saves time and money for the authority but could mean that the larger publishers, through greater discounts, influence the library suppliers selection to the local authority. I'm sure this doesn't happen, but given the constraints of the industry, if you can make more money out of promoting a new author, then the library supplier will probably do so. Again, money may be dictating what new titles are in your library and not simply the quality of the writing itself.. Toodlepip.

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