Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Pie Line

The selection criteria debate for The Northern Book Award continues. Where does the North start? Stuart Maconie, in his bestseller, Pies and Prejudice, states that the north starts at Crewe, because it is the first place that sells decent meat pies. Possibly. Another geographical point I heard yesterday is that the north starts in Doncaster, becuase that's where the Nightingale stops flying North, it is a southern bird that refuses to go further than Donny. Sounds good to me. So there you have it, it's either a pie line or an ornithological stop. We will decide in due course and let you know. Anthills and Stars is being reviewed in the T&A, or to those from the south, The Telegraph and Argus, and the reviewer is Jim Greenhalf, award winning journalist, one of the good guys, well he is until I read the review, poet and short story writer. I'll post the review sometime next week. Toodlepip.

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