Tuesday, 17 February 2009

All Libraries to close

The Moose has been in correspondence with the chief executive of the MLA, it is a government body set up to give 'Best Practice to Museums and Libraries.' Sounds rather dodgy to me. Giving best practice. That's illegal in some southern states in America. The man's name is Roy Clare. You can email him at roy.clare@mla.gov.uk . He looks well and has the requisite number of gongs to hold such a position. He speaks in code. He probably doesn't know what a Dewey number is but he can express himself in 'Armani.' I wrote to him to ask him what he was going to do about the library closures in Swindon. They're closing four this week. Apparently he can't do anything. It's all down to the local authorities but then I should have guessed that a government initiative to promote libraries and museums would appear toothless in the current onslaught against another public service. You should all email him and get him to work for his zillion pound an hour job. It cost us the taxpayer £50 million pounds last year to run the MLA. Wasn't the MLA a guerilla movement in Southern Africa? I digress. For 50 million you could run a few out of town libraries. I bet in the forthcoming New Years honours lists, the man who ran the organistaion to promote and protect our libraries, and didn't stop the closures, will be elevated to the Lords or at least be awarded a knighthood for services rendered. Remember his name, history will.

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