Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bolton or Bust

The Moose and Steve Clayton are going to Bolton on Monday to do a reading at Heaton library. Steve will be reading from his debut novel The art of being dead. There was a superb interview with him yesterday in The Yorkshire Post and sales have gone bananas.
Now Bolton is the home to Peter Kay. Mr Kay was in the stage show of The Producers by Mel Brooks and I gave him a copy of Anthills and Stars, Bluemooses first publication. I left it for him at the stage door of The Palace Theatre in Manchester in March 2007. I have yet to hear from him. I thought he was very funny before March 2007 but he isn't anymore. If he replies or returns the book, he will become funny again but until he enters into some sort of correspendonce he will remain unfunny. He will be just another corpulent smiley northern comedian trying to increase my titter quotient and failing. I saw Dave Sparkey on TV on Friday, he's from Bolton and he's very funny. He's much funnier than Peter Kay. Perhaps I should see if he'll read anything from the Bluemoose stable.
I read an interesting article from a QC yesterday on The Booksellers online magazine. It's the trade mag for the world of publishing. It was related to celeberity authors and the writing of their novels. If they haven't written them themselves then the publisher has to make it clear that the novel was 'inspired by,' or 'is from an idea from.' If the publisher tries to pass off the novel as written solely by the celeb then it is in breach of 'The trades descriptions act,' and can be fined as such. I will be waiting to see if the new Cheryl Cole novel will be advertised and promoted as a work written by herself. If it is written by her. Fair play. If not and those pesky editors at Harper Collins are fibbing, then a writ will be fired their way by the Moose Department of Correction

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