Friday, 27 February 2009

Library Closures

Andy Burnham, secretary of state for Media Culture and Sport has said he is 'not minded to intervene' in the closures of libraries in Swindon and on the Wirral. Instead he is diverting governement monies into the pension pot of the man that broke the bank, Sir Fred Goodwin.
Now that's what I call good governance. Fail and we'll bail you out to the tune of 500 Billion. Serve the public in these dire economic times and we'll shut you down. Board you up. Give you the finger. The government fire sale has started. Libraries now. The Post office next.....and then what? All public services are now under threat. In a perverse logic, when you succeed you're closed down, when you fail you're rewarded. It's Alice in wonderland time. Write to Mr Burnham but don't hold your breath. I have yet to receive a reply.
Journalists at The Yorkshire Post are on strike today. Why? Because the company that owns it, although its making a handsome profit it's shareholders don't think its big enough , so 15 journalists jobs are on the line. A newspaper without journalists isn't a newspaper. Its an advertorial. Regional newspapers like The YP are essential for small publishers like Bluemoose and I would hate to see it lose its identity and run stories from a hub of journailists based in London. Or god forbid news stories being outsourced from Tirana.

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