Friday, 13 February 2009


The tinternet gremlins have flown and I am free to scribble. At present I am reading Graham Greene's 'The Power and the Glory' which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Dissolute priests and whisky , what a hook. I'm also reading The Blue Fox by Sjon. I picked up Blue Fox because of Scott Pack's recommendation and there is a brilliant quote on the back of the book which says that 'It is the literary equivalent of a snowflake.' Will tell you later If I agree.

It is Friday the 13th and if you see a man with a black cat strapped to his back 'Quasimodo' like lurching around the many ladders in Hebden Bridge it is I, The Moose. Not that I am superstitious, Jaysus no, but I have hired a Friday 13th minder to ward off any evil demons and to fall into any nasty holes before I do. If I survive the day I will be back tomorrow with tales of derring do.

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