Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pancake Therapy

The sons of Moose complained yesterday because they came home from school and college and were fed curry. They wanted pancakes. It was Pancake Tuesday and I fed them Sub Continent fare. Outragious. I simply forgot. I'm usually reminded by all the adverts on TV starring the little plastic lemon we used to call 'JIF.' I didn't see it. Has it too succumbed to the economic downturn or is it called something else in this homogenised world a la the Snickers Bar and Cif? However, Hebden being Hebden there is a therapist that deals in Pancake Deprivation and my two boys will soon be prone on a couch bad mouthing their father. Is there any justice? Tomorrow we have an exclusive . A new Ted Hughes Poem.

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  1. It's funny that you made curry. I made Butter Chicken and my hubby came home and was all upset because he was going to make pancakes. I completely forgot too. LOL


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