Monday, 9 February 2009

Having Coffee with Peter Kay

The shirt has been ironed, the jacket dusted off and shoes polished. The Moose and Steve are back on the road promoting his book The art of being dead. Today we're in Bolton and although we don't expect Peter Kay to turn up we do expect to be grilled by the various members of readers groups. It will be fun.
The jacket arrives today for Falling Through Clouds by Anna Chilvers. It's all very exciting and although you've given a brief to the designer you never know what the final jacket will look like. The problem with designing something is that ultimately decisions have to be made. You can't design a jacket by committee. There lies madness. Look at the camel. It started out as a house dog and then, well, other camels like them but you wouldn't have one as a pet would you?
Must dash, dig the car out from the snow and head off into the northern lights.

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