Thursday, 5 February 2009

All Systems go

A date has been set, ISBN numbers allocated, the jacket is wending its way from Nottingham via the cultured and artistic hand of our illustrator Ian Dodds and so FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS by Anna Chilvers will be published on 22 June 2009 at 11.00am. OK I lied about the hour but the day and month, put it in the diary and get down to your local bookshop. It's a wonderful story. Beautifully written. That's what I and I think most people want . A great story beautifully told. It's all about storytelling. Lesley Glaister thinks so and she's reviewed and given it a fantastic quote. We'll drip feed you bits of the story to get you all excited, I hope. We will have an interview with Anna soon about writing and getting published.
The Moose got an email yesterday from a Prison. Nothing untoward, although you do get worried when you see in your inbox an email from Her Majesty's Prisons. I'm going to give a talk and read from my book, Anthills and Stars. It follows a group of hippies moving into a traditional mill town in the late 60's. The locals are less than impressed. Scott Pack said it is 'a warm and beautifully observed comedy that was very funny indeed. Kevin Duffy has Alan Bennett's fine ear for dialogue.'
Sorry about the shameless plug but I received a letter from our man with the tattered bowler hat at Lloyds TSB. He wants monies and he doesn't care how he gets it. The credit crunch has done away with any attempt at decorum and etiquette when it comes to letters from the bank.
I don't know whether I'll have to sign some kind of confidentiality thing for the visit to the prison and of course I wouldn't speak about the people I meet or divulge escape routes, but it will be interesting. And please no comments about a captive audience.

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